The Action and Outreach Unit facilitates the active expression of the aims and objectives of the Mothers’ Union. Through the work of this unit our shared Christian faith and life are seen in action in parishes, in our communities and globally


The Overseas Representative maintains contact with our link Dioceses of Lango, Northern Uganda, Madi and West Nile, Fredericton and Nova Scotia. Their job is to highlight Mothers’ Union work in these areas through our annual overseas meeting. She also coordinates the annual fundraising for Overseas and Relief work.

Diocesan Projects

There is an on going supply of emergency toiletries to the four main hospitals in the joint dioceses. Knitwear is made for newborn and premature babies. Volunteers help in the Foyle Child Contact Centre. Branch projects are varied and include emergency supplies to Women’s Aid Centres. Christmas boxes are collected for disadvantaged children overseas.

Parenting Facilitators

In the Derry and Raphoe Dioceses, we have three trained facilitators: Their role is to support and guide parents within a group.Through this guidance parents then learn to use respectful communication skills with their children. Good parenting skills are an important part of family life and a constant learning process.

Young Families

The young families coordinator organises events to support young couples in their married life and facilitates families to come together and enjoy activities organised by the Mothers’ Union.